Facilitation, Offsite Retreats & Events



Bored people don’t learn or create business breakthroughs.
And of course simple entertainment isn’t enough.


Meeting people where they are at, not where you want them to be. Connecting with what’s most true and alive in them, in the reality of the business – that’s where the energy is, that’s where breakthroughs begin!  From here we can learn to see new possibilities, to laugh, to think, and to collaborate in new ways to solve problems or capture opportunities!

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
Peter Drucker

We Create Experiences

Our agendas often include short exercises, impactful videos or audio immersions in which the participants experientially learn a leadership principle that will act as a catalyst in tackling the business issue in the agenda that follows. For example, a group may engage in an exercise that reveals the importance of questioning assumptions or the hazards of group think as an immediate precursor to a business issue that exists because of both. In this way, the learning has relevance and it can make an immediate impact in the thinking, actions and outcomes that follow – all furthering specific business goals!


Environment, Creativity and Breakthroughs

All of us become conditioned to autonomic ways of seeing things, of thinking and interacting in familiar environments. Vary the atmosphere and we can alter the thinking, feeling, and interaction patterns of the participants – a powerful catalyst for creative breakthroughs!

As an alternative to the ubiquitous business conference room, we can recommend venues that will “wow” or challenge participants in a setting they will never forget. A couple of our favorites include Vallecitos Mountain Ranch and Wizard Academy.