What Clients Say

Referrals have always made up a large majority of our work. We are grateful to the many people and their organizations who have played a large role in our success.  Some of the more familiar names are shown below:

IBM, Cisco Systems, US Treasury, Baker Hughes, Chevron-Texaco, Conoco-Phillips, Hitachi Heavy Construction (America), Dell, Microsoft, The City of Houston, Transcon Steel, DiamondRock, Alcoa, R. R. Donnelley, The University of Texas McComb School of Business, The Leadership Circle, Trium Consulting Group, and The Stagen Leadership Institute.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

Benjamin Disreali

Coaching with Dan…

“The Global Leadership Program is a transformational experience for many Managers and Directors from around the world, thanks in large part to Dan’s coaching. Dan consistently gets results in one-on-one or in group settings. I believe that Dan’s experience and personal style make him uniquely able to coach the high-caliber talent at Cisco and I would unequivocally recommend him to other organizations seeking the same kind of impact.”

– Renee Cullinan

“I’ve realized twenty to fifty percent increases [in profit] each quarter since the onset. What I had hoped to achieve in 20 years for myself and my business is now realistically attainable in ten years.

Coach Dan utilizes a “holistic” approach that addresses every aspect of my life creating the balance that I desire for an “overall” happiness. I now have a firm grasp and control on all aspects of my life. Even the unruly days go smoothly. I address all incoming issues and events in relationship to my goals. I control day vs. the day controlling me.”

– Donnie Whiteman

“A year ago my wife and I were slaves to our business, working at least 80 hours a week.. We had no personal lives and we couldn’t see a way out. I had lost hope.

Since working with Dan, our work week has dropped to about 50 hours. Our business has been producing quality work and getting new contracts while we’ve been relaxing on the beaches. (I’m sending you this letter from Thailand, where we’ve been vacationing for 2 1/2 weeks.) Spending more time with our family has changed our lives.

Without your continuing help, we’d still be slaves to our business and would not really know that our lives could be different. Thank you for helping make our new lives possible. Please feel free to use this information as you see fit to help other people know that you can help them make their businesses work FOR THEM.”

– Phil & Dixie Hamilton

“These sessions have changed my life! Certainly, there is more change ahead for my life but the doors you helped me open have cleared the way for newer and better tomorrows. As I write this, I am more focussed and definitely better organized. I look forward to a continued relationship. God Bless You!”

– Jean Wilson

“Thanks for your practical advice and attitude adjustment over the last few months! This opportunity will allow me to evolve to the next level in my career, and allow the department to evolve as well. In a sense, the evolution started months ago with our coaching. I would not have this confidence and enthusiasm without you! May the gift you gave to me — a new attitude, and a new life road map – return to you a hundred fold.”

– Mark Johnson

“The overriding issue I dealt with was the acquisition of the company I work for – a situation that left me feeling out of control. Working with Dan, I challenged myself to think of this as an opportunity to think about what I really wanted to do with my life and career. At every step of this process, Dan was always there with helpful insights and thought provoking questions that helped me work through it. The career opportunities that emerged from this process helped me to take control of a situation which I thought at first was out of my control. Dan brings to his work a very positive outlook on life, a wealth of knowledge about organizational and personal improvement, and an easy-going style that makes the whole process a lot of fun!”

– Tim Yearout